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Created on 2009-05-08 13:14:49 (#316735), last updated 2009-05-08 (437 weeks ago)

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909, a drama-free existence, abandoned buildings, ableton live, ant-zen, aphex twin, arachnids, art, asian cinema, asphyxiation, atrox, avicularia versicolor, bizarre microphone recording techniques, black widows, blood, blue jam, brass eye, brighter death now, bruce nauman, busdriver, cadence weapon, chris morris, classic ebm, clouddead, cobra killer, cocorosie, cold meat industry, coldcut, condenser microphones, contemporary art, converter, cynicism, d.a.f., dancing, david lynch, derelict buildings, despising nick nolte's face, detroit techno, diplo, distortion, dive, dj bone, dopplereffekt, dr. octagon, drexciya, dälek, early electro, early electrotech, einstürzende neubauten, entomology, erotic asphyxiation, existential nihilism, field recordings, foals, francis bacon, friedrich nietzsche, funny looking birds, future of the left, geeks, ghostface killah, gibby haynes, grammostola pulchra, green velvet, greyhound, hands productions, hating gary numan, haus arafna, heimstatt yipotash, hipster-or-homeless?, hiptards, hydrophones, in slaughter natives, industrial, industrial wasteland, infrasound, institubes, j. g. ballard, jeff mills, joel-peter witkin, kobayashi recordings, laibach, latrodectus, latrodectus mactans, les savy fav, mark rothko, martial music, mclusky, megadeth, megaptera, merzbow, microphones, monokrom, motörhead, music production, music programming, ninja tunes, noise, oliver ho, peacocks, peafowl, peahens, pedantry, phonography, photography, portable audio recorders, prefuse 73, pro tools, propellerhead reason, reason 4.0, recording sound, red, rhythm noise, rhythmic noise, rjd2, robert de niro jr, roland jp8000, roots manuva, s.o.d., samplers, scapa flow, shellac, silence, slayer, sonar, sound, sound art, sound capture, sound design, sound manipulation, spiders, squarepusher, staring cats out, strangulation, surgeon, synaesthesia, synthesizers, t raumschmiere, tarantulas, techno, texas chainsaw massacre, the blood brothers, the klinik, theridiidae, tr-909, ttc, underwater audio recordings, violent sex, vromb, white mutation peafowl, world of warcraft.
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